While some women may experience a sense of relief after an abortion, many others struggle with the emotional and mental health toll that abortion can bring.

Feelings of grief, loss, shame, or anger may begin immediately after the procedure or stay buried for years before surfacing. If you are struggling with your emotional or mental well-being due to an abortion, Crossroads Life Center wants to offer you healing and community.

Post-Abortion Mental Health Struggles

Following an abortion, it is common for women to struggle with mental health disorders like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal behavior

While any woman is at an increased risk for developing these struggles, some women have risk factors that further increase their chances of developing these complications.

  • Feeling pressured into an abortion
  • A lack of support for the decision
  • History of abortion
  • History of mental health struggles
  • Beliefs that misalign with abortion

If you are experiencing emotional or mental health challenges, don’t keep it to yourself or try to suppress your feelings. Instead, find support and care from others who understand what you are experiencing.

How Can Crossroads Life Center Help?

If you are experiencing post-abortion struggles, you are welcome here. Crossroads Life Center assists women struggling emotionally or mentally with their abortion decision by providing free individual and group support. Learn to forgive and offer yourself compassion.

Find hope and healing in a loving, nonjudgmental setting and process through your challenges with a mentor who understands.

Build a community with a group of other women with similar experiences. Together, you can help each other through your healing journeys.

Don’t let guilt and shame keep you from finding healing and supporting other women. You deserve to find forgiveness and hope. You’ll find it here.

Please contact us to learn more about our post-abortion support services. We look forward to helping you.