Whether their pregnancy is planned or not, many women have fears about parenting when their pregnancy is confirmed. They may be worried about carrying the pregnancy, labor, delivery, or newborn care.

These doubts don’t mean you won’t be a good mother. In fact, considering the best options for you and your baby are a sign that you have the courage to be a great mother. While parenting your child might initially feel overwhelming and scary, we believe you have the strength to succeed.

You probably have questions like:

  • How will I tell my family?
  • What if my partner doesn’t want to be involved?
  • Can I continue pursuing my education or career goals?
  • How will I afford to support my child?
  • How will I find housing?

These questions are expected. Our mentors can assist you in discovering the answers to these questions and any others you might have so you can determine if parenting is the right option for you.

Put your worries to rest by speaking with a knowledgeable mentor. Armed with resources, they can refer you to the appropriate programs and agencies to get the support you need.

Additional Support

Crossroads Life Center also offers material assistance. Start preparing for your baby’s arrival by gathering supplies like diapers and baby clothes. Preparing for a baby is expensive, but we can help. Find free, quality supplies in our baby boutique.

If you are considering parenting your baby but are worried that you don’t have the skills required, we can help with that too! We offer free educational classes on various topics, including caring for your baby from newborn to childhood.

If you decide to parent your child, we have the resources to build your confidence as a parent.

Schedule a free appointment to learn more about parenting and the resources we can provide to support your parenting journey.