If your partner is unexpectedly pregnant, life might feel like it is spinning out of control. It is usual for you to want to take control and plan out the next steps for your future.

Keep in mind, though, that while ideally, the two of you should work together to develop a plan and make a decision about the pregnancy, you should never pressure or manipulate her into deciding an outcome for her pregnancy. Instead, focus on providing her with the support she needs.

How Can You Help?

Your partner has a lot going on emotionally and physically. In addition to trying to wrap her mind around her pregnancy, she is also bombarded with pregnancy hormones.

These hormones cause challenges to her daily life, as she may be experiencing mood swings, fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms. Ask her how she feels- listen to her for understanding, not responding.

Practice active listening to ensure you understand what she is saying- repeat what you hear back to her with a statement like, “What I hear you saying is … is that right?”

Go with her to her pregnancy confirmation appointments or parenting classes- show her your support by being dependable.

Offer help with tasks that might be difficult for her while experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Inform Yourself

Learn more about pregnancy and the related symptoms. Find information on the options available for the outcome of her pregnancy. Learn about necessary testing during pregnancy, like ultrasounds.

Discover resources available for families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, like material support and education. Crossroads Life Center is a valuable resource for gathering the information you need.

Be prepared to discuss your findings with your partner when she is ready. Remember not to pressure her.

For more information about pregnancy, options, and resources, please contact us to schedule an appointment with a mentor.