After beginning the abortion pill method, some women regret their decision and wonder if there is hope of reversing the process. If only the first drug, mifepristone, has been taken, there is a chance that the pregnancy can be saved with the abortion pill reversal protocol. This protocol has a success rate of 64-68%.

Since mifepristone works by blocking the body’s progesterone, the abortion pill reversal protocol uses high levels of progesterone to replace it. Progesterone has been used safely in pregnancy for over 50 years without increasing health issues in the mother or baby.

When hoping to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, timing is everything. The sooner the protocol is initiated after taking mifepristone, the greater the chances of success. To learn more about the abortion pill reversal protocol or to be connected with a provider in your area, call (877) 558-0333.

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