You may be reeling from the news that you are unexpectedly pregnant. Pregnancy can be a time of fear and shock, and you may need additional resources. What’s more, you’ll need to learn about your pregnancy options. 

Perhaps you don’t want to be pregnant, but you’re unsure if abortion is right for you. Abortion terminates a viable pregnancy. But it may not be the best option. So, what other options can you consider?

Could I Be a Good Parent?

Parenting may not seem like an obvious choice, especially if you don’t want to be pregnant in the first place. But it may be the most rewarding. With time and proper support, you can be more than equipped to be a parent and make a difficult situation joyful. 

Think carefully about whether parenting is a good choice. Do you have the financial resources to parent? Would your partner be involved? And do you live in a safe, secure environment with access to the material help you need to begin this journey?

Crossroads Life Center offers free, confidential parenting services, including accurate information, educational classes, and material assistance. You may find that parenting is right for you once you’ve eliminated financial burdens. And we’ll support your parenting journey every step of the way.

Should I Place My Baby for Adoption?

If you don’t wish to parent but worry about experiencing post-abortion regret and the “what-ifs,” making an adoption plan may be best. 

Today, birth mothers have more control than ever over the process. You can choose the adoptive family, receive financial, material, and emotional support, and select a plan that works best for you:

  • Open adoption: With this plan, you establish a relationship with the adoptive family and child through regular contact. You can become a consistent presence in your child’s life. 
  • Semi-open adoption: You communicate with the adoptive family, but a third party like the adoption attorney or agency conducts all contact.
  • Closed adoption: This option creates the most confidentiality. You remain anonymous, and all identifying records are sealed. 

Our center will educate you on adoption and provide the referrals you need to learn more. Adoption isn’t a choice you must make without guidance! We’re here for you.

We’ll Provide the Help You Need

Crossroads Life Center is here with the free and confidential services you require to make an informed pregnancy decision. We’re committed to offering trustworthy information in a judgment-free space.

Contact us today to make an appointment.